- USB-C to DisplayPort 1.

. Identify the ports on your Mac.

My MacBook Pro M1 Pro is capable of running 4K at 120Hz/144Hz (DSC) with the following setup: - USB-C to USB-C Monitor Alt-DP mode to monitor.

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. Dec 2, 2020 · On both of our computers, M1 powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, we successfully extended our video output to three external displays running at 1920x1080. I would think you need to do with the Mini DP converter, if VGA output is.

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That should enable the monitor for use. 67 x 9 x 0. 5mm audio jack, 4x configurable Expansion Cards.

Jacob Barrett. What doesn't work, anything to HDMI output:.

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A correction to the answer about setting DP 1. You just need to disconnect and re-connect the DisplayPort cable.


4) Problems with colors on your external display.

Open System Preferences > Display > Arrangement and uncheck Mirror Displays.

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. . 0. I also tried testing out the HDMI ports and still had no luck. Current and future Macs and PCs will use this port for the following: As a DisplayPort which can be converted to VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc through the use of adaptors and/or active/passive cables.


I cannot get the two to work together at all. May 19, 2023 · If your BenQ monitor uses HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort for video input, it will work with any properly-certified and made USB-C to DisplayPort or HDMI adapters.


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In most cases, a power cycle like this will fix the problem.

Rear HDMI ports keep your setup tidy while the audio input sits up front for easy access.