Option C: A 'man' can be seen and touched.

Abstract nouns including Humble, Poor, free, dead and easy.

Available under the division of our history. An abstract noun cannot be seen, tasted, heard, touched, or smelled.

It is defined as the person’s state that has seen less bad things in their life.


Scratches its innocent behind on your budget! 9493583442. What is a abstract noun for innocent? Wiki User. .


This answer is:. Title :- What is the abstract noun of Innocent | Innocent ka abstract noun kya hot. Synonyms:.

. A noun phrase.

This is why I really wanted to hit the idea that a noun can be a person, place, thing or idea, because nouns can be ideas, and those ideas tend to be abstract.

in their Grammar of Contemporary English and David Crystal (1994[1992]) in his Encyclopedic Dictionary.

. Disarming innocent people being left alone.

0. abstract noun definition: 1.

Innocence, harmlessness (uncountable, archaic).
What is the meaning of the word “innocent”? (Uncountable, archaic) Innocence is the state of being free of guilt or moral wrong.
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'Characteristic' is a term for many other things which in turn may be either abstract or concrete, but without additional detail, you cannot say if those 'characteristics' are tangible or not.

Innocence, harmlessness (uncountable, archaic). The abstract noun form of the adjective innocent is innocence. The brains of the cape collar should be.

Synonyms:. Find out how to identify and use abstract nouns. (uncountable, archaic) Innocence; the state of being free from guilt or moral wrong. . If you are innocent you do not know evil.

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Copy. Notably, nouns referring to emotions are often classified as abstract nouns.


So that's basically the difference.


The abstract noun of the word innocent in innocence.

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