2020 target-peak =1500.

If your computer can handle it,. Then add one to ~/.


In my case I tested with mpv --no-config --vo=gpu-next -.

Performance may not be as efficient as mpv, but its ease of use and forgoing command line / config files in favor for a proper UI makes it the better choice for casual. So why isn't HDR support added to mpv? Some people use a Windows PC with. As a nubie to mpv , someone recommended , MPV can play Dolby Vision on PC without pink tint so i decided to install and after that i played dv.

DO NOT COMBINE shaders of the same type mindlessly.

. Just choose one. .

# Example mpv configuration file # # Warning: # # The commented example options usually do _not_ set the default values. .



glsl refers to xxx. # Can fix stuttering in some cases, in other cases probably.

Enable full hardware acceleration via NVIDIA Optical Flow on. .

Paste the following in to the new CONF file and save it.
In sRGB under Windows' HDR should have a peak of 203 nits and not the high peak of HDR (1000, 4000, 10000).


I was trying to play some DV content and it just looked way too saturated.

If this works as jeeb intends, your projector should be just fine. . .

. . The system-wide configuration file 'mpv. . Then add one to ~/. Always enable profile=gpu-hq before using shaders for fallback at the beginning of the file.

OS: Windows 10CPU: Ryzen 5 3600GPU: RTX 3070.

On my side MPC-HC, MPC-BE and VLC render a purplish picture in dolby vision videos that don't have a HDR10/HLG fallback stream. .


And, FFMPEG’s bwdif filter for motion adaptive deinterlacing is applied to interlaced video, such as.

191 (2020-04-11) you can use the mpvSockets LUA script instead of fixed 'input-ipc-server'.

Since last git builds support --vo=gpu-next for Dolby Vision reshaping, which by the way works great, I was wondering if it could be possible to dump that tone-mapped displayed version to a file.

conf which I found in the SP 4\mpv64 folder.